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Updated: Apr 1, 2022

I'm so excited to share with you about my journey on the plant path, my story of healing and self discovery!

It's very fitting that I'm writing this on the eve of the astrological new year as I'm starting a new chapter in my life and business. But, opportunely, this is how the Universe works if you surrender to the flow.

This space is intended as a collection of writings about herbal remedies, holistic health, gardening, astrology, communing with Nature, some Materia Medica, and other musings from the Hollow.

This is a creative outlet for me to share my photos of life on the Homestead, along with my thoughts about returning to the old ways of life, where traditions of medicine were learned from our family and friends in our communities, and passed down from generations of humans in direct communication with nature and her healing ways.

My goal is to inspire you to stop out-sourcing your life, and specifically your health. To start in-sourcing it instead! Creating the life you wish to have by finding your innate gifts and abilities, supporting and enhancing them, and sharing them with others.

This is also a way for me to share free information that I find to be inspiring, educational, fun, or thought provoking.

My experiences on the homestead and on my journey with plants have always been unexpectedly filled with bits of wisdom that have shaped my life from that point forward. If I can somehow provide that for you as well, I will have closed the loop, in my own wheel of life.

Thank you for tuning in and reading. I hope you will find some joy and inspiration too.


Here's some photos of the Homestead just to get you acquainted. The original log house, the middle section of the house, was built in 1795. The logs are hand-hewn and filled with so much character. They are exposed on the inside and give this house a super cozy feel. I can't help but imagine all the lives that have been lived here before we arrived and how many souls remain.

The Homestead last September, just as the leaves were starting to turn, right before a rainstorm hit.

Our beautiful greenhouse we built during the pandemic out of recycled materials we have been collecting over the years. We spent less than $500 on this project, for framing and roofing materials, and screws and nails. A few windows were donated by neighbors, and the mis-matched paver bricks and old pallets by my brother, who owns Landscaping company. Thanks to years of hoarding and generous people, we were able to build our dream greenhouse. I'll show you the process and all the bells and whistles in a later blog post.

Not a bad spot at all to pick tiny little Elder flowers off the stems. Pallet planters made by pulling two others apart and adding bottoms to each opening to hold soil. We really try to make use of discarded materials before ever purchasing anything new. This is my favorite place to eat breakfast and listen to the wind chimes and birds chirping.

Our chicken coop was constructed with old wooden doors. If you know my Dad, you wouldn't question why he showed up at my house with 18 wooden doors in the back of his truck. But, if you haven't figured it out yet, we don't turn down usable materials. And with a 225 year old home, it wouldn't feel right to add brand new anything. This coop could hold several dozen birds but our 7 live pretty comfortably. We've since added gutters that funnel the rain into a barrel and a run off the back. They are mostly free range when the weather is nice.

And here's me. A young(ish) body with an old soul. This is basically how I live life. In my pajamas, usually barefoot. Unless I'm digging holes for more plants. I'm a sucker for the discount racks at the back of the garden store.


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